How to Generate Facebook Leads Without Spending Money?

Facebook is a social media giant. Today the global active users of Facebook crosses 2.07 billion and it’s growing as you are reading this article. Whenever an enterprise plans its Social Media presence, Facebook tops the list.

Enough of Facebook branding!

You came here with a pure intention to know how you can generate more leads on Facebook without shelling anything from your pockets. You may be aware Facebook is making organic reach harder day by day.

The good news is that nothing can stop you from reaching your audience if you stick to the tips this article is going to reveal.

Say goodbye to the old school ways of generating organic reach from Facebook. Facebook and its algorithms have changed beyond measure.

Warning: The tips are not just to be read, they need to be followed with consistency.

Top tips to generate leads from Facebook without spending a penny:

It has become a challenge but what are sales without challenges.

1. Post what’s worth Posting, Share what’s Worth Sharing!

That’s pretty simple, no?

Wait! We don’t think so. If it were that simple, everyone must be having millions of likes, shares and leads. But apparently, that’s not the case. Hence, you should hire some good content creators and graphic designers and Digital Marketing Agency who can help you present your posts in a most engaging way. Do not share low-quality content or clickbait posts to lose the trust of your readers.

2. Retarget the audience

Generally, your page has a set of audience who has an inclination towards your service, product or even informational content. Facebook users are super active and need constant food for thought. Suppose your post rode the viral wave, it is a positive sign and people are watching your content. Try reposting this content within 3-4 days. The audience who liked it earlier may like it again and this time they will for sure share it to their own page adding personal credibility to your post.

3. Photo linking to blogs

Visual content brings in 400 times more engagement. You do not need to develop creative and engaging content always. Play a trick this time! Add a link to your blog page to a very exciting image that your audience will click for sure. Boom! They will reach your landing page and now your landing plays the role of generating leads.

4. Direct your audience to the landing page

Why would you want to spend time and energy optimizing similar content on both Facebook and website? The best idea is to direct your audience to your website for offers or discounts. Your landing page will do the task of a Facebook Advert by capturing the potential leads email id to take the relationship ahead.

Make sure you add a title to the post that makes the audience curious enough to click and wait till the website loads.

5. Use Facebook Live video feature

Before you go live with your product, SEO service, or informational content, make sure you let people know about it. It is a kind of teaser before the real picture reveals the story. The live video could be about anything from you talking about a trending topic or a popular guest of choice doing the honors.

It has been noted the audience really gets excited to hear you talking live and tries to engage more. Do not make the video too short make sure it crosses the 15-20 min progress bar.

6. The well-connected audience can receive notifications

Facebook might not have been vocal about this feature. Your page followers can choose to receive a notification from your pages whenever some new content is shared or you make a change to your page.

A very organic and polite way of asking people to receive notification is by delivering superb content. Once your page is connected via the notifications, you will stay connected with the audience forever.

7. Encourage Commenting

You must have witnessed pages posting riddles, memes, or social posts asking the audience to comment. What is it? It is a way of showing Facebook that the audience is engaging with the content you post. Facebook algorithms automatically boost your page reach if it is already catching more eyeballs. Make sure your content encourages commenting.

8. Run Facebook contests

People love winning!

Use this psychology of your fans to get more engagement, comments, views, and sharing. You can direct your contest forms or prizes as e-books to your landing page where the audience will be more than happy to give away their vital information like mail id.

This is a more refined way of generating leads as the audience feels appreciated for their wits.

9. Add a CTA to the Facebook page

Did you check the CTA button on the Facebook page? It offers options like Sign up or Calls us. Using a CTA is the best way of letting the audience connect with you directly without too much to do. Urge them to message you and be prompt with bots with a message that you will get back to them soon.

CTA’s are tried and test ways to get whooping high engagement from the Facebook pages. This is the first thing visible on your page. Make sure you choose the one that suits your business protocol. If you choose to mail to make sure you get back to them. If you choose “Call us” make sure you answer the call, the moment it rings.

10. Promote your events on Facebook

Social events on weekends, time-bound offers are the best way to create a sensation. Link your event tickets or registration to your landing page. Tease your audience with taglines like “Early birds get to register FREE”. No one will miss registering for free even if they plan to come for the event or not. But this act makes you popular and your page share-worthy.

The ‘Cherry on the Cake’ Tip

Pin your post that leads to maximum lead generation on the top. Whenever someone reaches your Facebook page he will see the best and most liked of your page.

These tips have been tried and tested across multiple business verticals. All you need to do is stay consistent in following these tips. Remember do not get too enthusiastic and sound pushy. Follow each tip consistently over a period of time and wait for how your audience responds to it. If you keep changing the tactics between today and tomorrow, you may not have enough data to ascertain what worked and why.

Wishing you luck. Do let us know what worked for you and how?

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