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This is the point where if your business is not on the web, you have lost it even before you set foot in the competition. Reach to the top of search results every time people look for recreational drug stores. Allow us to rank your Marijuana business, but for good reasons.

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Marijuana Websites

Marijuana, CBD, Hemp, and Cannabis are different spheres where ranking online needs domain expertise and frankly it is not everyone’s foray. There is a certain sense of responsibility that underpins every SEO step we take to rank your business with the right keywords amidst a sea of CBD companies. Quite certainly, it is a mystery for the marketing team of such a company.

This is where we come in as a professional digital marketing agency. We are committed to taking your online presence to an altogether different level. We sort of have cracked the formula for ranking such firms consistently at the top.

Over the years, our association with industry giants in the field of recreational drugs, like cannabis, has brought us here with the wealth of knowledge. We would like to use the knowledge for bringing monumental changes.

Marijuana Competitors Audit

Before starting deliberations with the companies working in the domains of recreational drugs, we like to be prepared. Our research team digs deep into the business profile, competitors and opportunities and devise a plan based on that.

Marijuana Website Optimisation

It is crucial to have an optimised website to create a lasting online presence amongst the visitors. You cannot have a website that provides basic information only. A fully optimised website, with all the interactive elements in place, drags the visitors back in.

Marijuana Related Keywords

A fully optimised website, without the keyword rich content, is at a best stalemate. To hit the right notes, we employ a thorough research process counting in all the factors, like keyword density, volume and reach.

Marijuana Link Building

Link building should be strategic and well-planned for companies dealing with Marijuana and other recreational drugs. With our experience and expertise, we can make link building a big stepping stone for your success.

Marijuana Content

We have a highly experienced content writing team who are absolutely confident of their craft, be it on-page or guest posts. They never fail to deliver content that’s well researched and has the keywords in place. We target different forms of content depending on the blogger outreach.

Marijuana Community

With so much happening in the social media side of things, it is tough to keep track of every mention, be it query or complaint. We take care of it all right from the Facebook pages to Twitter campaigns, we keep your online image untarnished.

What are Recreational drug/Marijuana SEO Services?

Considering the niche that we are dealing with here, the range of SEO services can be dynamic. There is no one-right SEO solution, it is a combination of several steps that augurs the ranking.

Some of the crucial SEO services that remain standard no matter which domain we operate in includes creating backlinks, and blog post creation. Besides this, there is a host of other SEO services that brings in both the organic traffic and paid traffic.

It is essential to keep the visitors influx consistent and letting the users be the source of the ripple effect. This allows us to retain existing users and expand to new markets. We believe in having complete transparency in the way we work and bringing in clients while creating marketing strategies.

Why do you need SEO for Marijuana Drug companies?

It is really uncanny to believe that SEO is a foreign term for many businesses. But the reality is that there are some of the businesses that are late in joining the SEO bandwagon. Thus, it becomes imperative that the practical definition of SEO is introduced to such owners.

SEO is a great way for businesses to make a big impression on the internet. So, businesses dealing with marijuana need to hire professional agencies to ensure that recreational drug you are peddling ahve the right intent and audience.

More than 70% marketers have migrated to the SEO driven marketing process, and this SEO process includes marketers form domains that are as varied as medicine to logistics.

Hire SEO experts for a boosted online visibility

It is important to understand that we are dealing with CBD and HEMP products. Marketing for such products has always been done with a touch of sensitivity. It was more about traditional means of marketing, and online promotion was still some distance away.

However, as the reliance on online medium soared, traditional marketing means became defunct. The time has arrived to give your recreational drug business the online marketing boost. So, expert marujuana SEO is what you need.

The importance of marijuana SEO services can be rooted to the fact that the clients who have shifted online armed with SEO have developed at a progressive rate. Plus, focusing too much on offline marketing can have a negative impact on drug peddling. However, on the other hand, online marketing would mean your products are reaching out to the right people for the right purpose.

Allow us to manage all the marketing and SEO for you.


Read Marijuana SEO FAQ's

With the increasing legalization of Marijuana in many countries, the Marijuana industry is becoming increasingly competitive. With luck, Marijuana SEO is here to help your brand and your business!

Marijuana SEO is a set of specific SEO techniques 100% related and focused on cannabis-related businesses, such as:

  • Marijuana competition analysis;
  • SEO Local Marijuana, including Google MyBusiness account setup – for Marijuana dispensary and/or accessories resellers;
  • Conversion optimization (leads, sales, newsletter subscription, etc.) – for Marijuana sales e-commerce sites;
  • Google penalty assessment, removal and cleaning of invalid links;
  • Marijuana Link Building – increase the authority of your website and rankings;
  • Quotes and Directories related to the Marijuana business – help with local rankings;
  • Keyword search on Marijuana;
  • Other “mainstream” SEO techniques applied to the Marijuana business.

Our SEO Marijuana service was specifically created to meet the needs of SEO Marijuana! It follows all the main requirements and good practices of Google SEO (and other search engines) and applies them to your Marijuana related business. This will help you rank your site as high as possible on the search engine results pages for the main Marijuana search terms important to your company or business. The main and ultimate goal of SEO Marijuana is to bring additional visibility and traffic to your Marijuana website in order to increase ROI as well as brand recognition.

Marijuana companies have products that need to be placed online with a touch of caution. Targeting Marijuana products and then developing a SEO promotional plan around it is the way to go about it. The idea behind this approach is to let visitors be completely aware and informed of products, so they are in good headspace, and they actually benefit from the purchase.

There are various ways in which you can find SEO terms for Marijuana. You can use some of the tools present online, like Ubersuggest, to get high ranking keywords. You can also go through your competitors page and analyse the keyword for which they are ranking.

For an expert detailed analysis, get in touch with us!

Marijuana marketing, in terms of digital context, is relatively new. A lot of learning and findings are yet to be uncovered to get the right marketing strategy. However, marketing for such becomes easier when you have an experienced SEO service provider who knows the domain in and out. So, go look out for your ideal SEO service provider.

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