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Link Building for Sports Betting Websites – Best Strategies in 2024

Link Building for Sports Betting Websites: The online gambling industry, which includes online casinos, sports betting companies, and poker, will be a whopping $105 Billion. A massive industry on Global stock exchanges holds many gambling and casino companies on their list.

Millions are being spent on the industry to develop a strong base of customers day-to-day. Link Building for gambling websites holds a significant space out of these millions. The industry pays a large sum to affiliate industry, active review websites, etc.

How Do Sports Betting Companies successfully accomplish Link Building for betting website SEO?

Link building involves a large sum of money. The price paid for link building must be high to establish a higher position in the web space. A company with a combination of relevancy, sheer volume, and a long-term vision can utilize the area well.

Best Strategies in 2023 for Link Building for Betting Websites

1. Money Rules –

Money is the king in the betting world; companies invest a hefty amount for links. Third-party email addresses are employed here to execute this.

2. PR Campaigns –

PR campaigns only to a specific limit, executing PR strategies, and link pickups from the press are great. Still, these strategies are challenging to implement and don’t yield great results for targeted links and anchors.

3. Aggressive Anchors –

The pioneers in the sports betting industry use aggressive anchor text strategies which help them achieve their targets. These trends simplify their work.

4. Homepage Links –

Big companies have enough monetary sources to pay for homepage link rentals; this primarily falls in the aggressive strategy used by marketers worldwide.

5. Variety of Niches –

The sports betting industry doesn’t have a small defined niche. Instead, they target a large variety of niches because they don’t have specified websites with high-quality information available.

Varieties of Websites to build links for sports betting links?


The confinement of the sports betting industry is not to a specific niche; it spreads among various categories, which is great for building links. The only condition for this process is these industries must have a natural link to sports betting.

Some categories which are great for sports betting pbn or sports betting guest posts link building:

If you go through a betting website, SEO using tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs to through the backlink profiles of the giant and reputed casinos will reveal content around some significant categories as below –

Gambling & Casino – The Heroes of Sports Betting

  • Look for blogs related to games like blackjack, roulette, and other related sites; these are where the companies look for link building.
  • Poker websites have many news strategy blogs.
  • Specific sports betting websites, affiliate marketers, and influencers.

Gaming niche websites

  • Video game blogs are available in every variety ranging from retro game blogs to browser games and Xbox games.
  • A majority of people play card games; hence it has a lot of websites.
  • Other preferred games are also there like chess, backgammon, etc.

Lifestyle & Leisure websites

  • Entertainment and casinos are easy to go for many people.
  • Major travel destinations host many tourists from different places; hence, they are tourist attractions.
  • Think of the culture of casinos
  • Many people have hobbies of casinos and gambling
  • A variety of slot games based on comics
  • Big movies based on classic casino themes over the years.
  • The moneymakers celebrities love gambling and casinos.

Sports websites

  • Sports that attract most people bind gambling hook-like cricket, snooker, billiards, etc.
  • US & European Sports like baseball, football, basketball, rugby respectively.

Business, News & Finance websites

  • The global stock market has many sports betting companies on the list, so it is understood companies play a vital role in the stock market.
  • The company provides employment opportunities and growth to millions of people worldwide.
  • A massive industry that is growing and upgrading provide excellent business.
  • The cryptocurrency market is associated with the sports betting industry as many bitcoin casinos are available in the market.

Technology websites

  • Android and IOS mobile & app blogs
  • Software linked with online casino’s use
  • Blogs that help to design and structure casino games
  • Technologl
  • Virtual reality

Quality Guidelines Checklist to be followed for Sports Betting Links


It is essential to be safe than sorry! Before you spend a hefty amount on link building, check a few things like the website must have organic traffic, aren’t overcrowded, and don’t have previous link footprints. The website must be of high quality and a website that works according to the likes of their users and not just for SEO’s

Checklist for Sports Betting Link Building


Domain Rating – The domain rating needs to be 20+ minimum.

Traffic – The website must have over 1000 organic traffic, according to Aherfs.

Traffic Movements – The companies must analyse the organic traffic movements. If you are looking on Ahrefs, click ‘overview’ and go to ‘Organic Search.’ Preventive measures should be in use if one notices any drop in the numbers as it can be a Google penalty, but overall the primary focus should be on strong traffic. The fluctuations are normal, but you must keep the site if it shows a growing graph.

Existing Links – If there is a current link, one can check it simply on Ahrefs, click on ‘Linked Domains,’ and check your website on it.

Linked Domains vs. Referring domains – By putting Ahrefs to use, the companies must look at the websites referring linked vs. referring domains. The number should never exceed four times greater than the referring domains. The website may be penalised by Google for running lots of sponsored posts, and the website’s link value decreases.

The number of Casino Links – The companies should check the number of ‘casino’ domain names linked to the website. You may find it in The ‘Linked Domains’ function in Ahrefs by searching for a casino. If it’s 35 or over, the company must reject the website.

Post Markings – The companies must not invest in the websites that mark posts as ‘Sponsored’ or ‘Advert.’ The best way to check this is to go to ‘Linked Domains’ and find a casino article, the company can check if it has any negative mark.

Sense Checks – When you go through a website for some time, you can quickly figure out if it has irrelevant spam articles that don’t match the theme. A website with lots of unnecessary articles is a strict no plus it needs to have a good design which attracts users.

Advertising Page – The website the company chooses for link building must not offer help with SEO & offer backlinks for a certain amount.

Long-Term Strategy To Beat The Competition


Proven strategies to achieve consistent ranking results that have been performed over a long period form a link-building perspective, It’s a lot of money and reputation involved, and the decision-making process should be by keeping in mind the long-term benefits.

  • Observe the top-ranking competitors and note the key points they are following to build links.
  • Choose competitors where it makes sense.
  • Select websites with vital quality metrics.
  • Invest in a good content writer who understands how to make a link fit seamlessly and naturally into an article.
  • Make a sensible anchor text strategy with a blend of branded / natural/partial match anchors based on the observation of top-ranking competitors.
  • Have a strong negotiation plan in place to save money in the long run.
  • Hoping on trends is always a good idea in the online world. Jumping on trends, like getting home page or category links from a popular site. Many times, casino affiliates practice this resulting in getting penalised. The same practice goes for 301 redirects. It may be ideal for certain affiliates but in a way too risky for big companies and brands employing hundreds of staff.
  • Never overdo it with aggressive anchor texts,
  • Always use a company email for outreach.
  • Do not underestimate the budget required to compete in this space. It requires a consistent flow of money to maintain a high ranking.
  • The strategies mentioned above are essential for link building in the sports betting industry. I hope these help!

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