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Link Building for Casino Websites – Best Strategies in 2024

Link Building for Casino WebsitesStatistically, the casino has been a hot topic for the last few years, and the reports reveal that the worth of the online gambling industry will be approx. $105 billion or more by 2025 This calculation is a combination of the income that is an outcome of the sum of income from sports betting companies online casino poker and the other ways related to them like casinos backlinks etc.

Almost all operators revolve around these products only. The extension of the online casino industry is vast and has several casino and gambling companies registered under Global Stock Exchanges.

Presently the biggest attraction related to the casino is the market of casino and gambling backlinks in the SEO market. Specifically, backlinks for casinos websites are winning competitive space as the casino brands are ready to spend a considerable amount to buy casinos backlinks.

The casino industries are ready to pay an unbelievable amount for getting references to add more casino members to their site.

Some common questions while creating backlinks for casinos/gambling websites:


Now the question arises how do companies build gambling and casino backlinks?

The leading brand often opts for the sheer and relevant volume. A high-end budget is inseparable if you want to buy SEO backlinks for an online casino that ranks in the same niche. There is a race in which all the big names are playing to get better SEO backlinks for online casinos.

You must be wondering where to get backlinks for casino sites 2023, then let us tell you that many blogging companies and bloggers are ready to give it to you at a reasonable rate. A blogger defines the pricing only after understanding the value of the link. If you intend to buy good casino backlinks to sustain in the long run, it is advisable to keep a fat budget.

To understand the trend of casino backlinks building, one needs to know five key links:

Power of cash- Casino companies pay a considerable amount to buy casino backlinks. They do not prefer the involvement of any third-party emails.
Running PR campaigns- PR strategies always work well as they help get newspaper links and media links, but they deeply know that unless it reaches the targeted audience with the right targeted links.
Anchor rules the backlink world- The companies with grand equity prefer influential anchor texts. It is a common trend among leading brands.
Links attached to homepage- Leading brands pay significant amounts to rent homepage links, and this strategy is aggressively put to use by affiliates in different markets.
Different niches- The most prominent attraction related to gambling and casino companies is they go at par with endless niches. The hidden fact is it is tough to locate sites in the relevant niches.

A common question that crosses every user’s mind is what kind of website to choose while building casino backlinks!

If you have such doubts, then clear it with the fact that there is a list of sites that helps to build links but ensure that the link appears naturally with the casino site. For the users of SEMrush, Aherfs or other such software scans endless backlink profiles of all leading online casino sites. You will ultimately find backlinks and a list of contents under several relatable categories. A list of categories that goes with a par with casinos are as follows:

The first among the list has to be gambling and casino websites

Poker websites:

If you start looking for poker blogs or the news website on them, you will find endless websites.
1. Influencers and bloggers in the sports betting niche
2. Casino-related blogs and strategy sites- games like blackjack and roulette- can create your backlink by hunting a similar niche with strategy terms.

Leisure and lifestyle websites:

1. Travel- Casino has been long lost passion and forever attraction among tourists.
2. Entertainment- Casino is always a part of mass entertainment.
3. Culture- the casino culture always attracts.
4. Hobbies- this term describes the concept in its way.
5. Comics- A list of casino games has comic characters or comic themes.
6. Movies- There is a list of movies with a casino theme, which makes them the right place for casino backlinks.
7. Celebrities stories- celebrities are incredibly attracted to casinos, and media never fails to cover such stories. It can be a hit spot too!

iGaming/Video Games Websites:

1. Card games- the popularity of card games is permanent, and the users of card-related games are there is a considerable volume of the users of this niche.
2. Video Games- almost everyone from the later 90s is aware of video games. You can hit any video game blog, from those lost retro game blogs to Xbox games.
3. Physical games like cricket, ludo, etc., can be the right place to add casino backlinks.

News, Trade, and Finance websites:

1. Careers- This stream provides employment opportunities to the hundredth people and hence is an ideal platform for offering a genuine gateway to those who want to establish in this stream. Crypto- presently cryptocurrency is the talk of the town, with several new additions now and then. The usage of cryptocurrency has been a common way of transaction in the casino.
2. Stocks & finance- the role of casino companies has been significant in the stock exchange.
3. Trade- this stream keeps on altering, adding new techniques and ideas with the best possible hurdles. It has several content potential in it.

Tech news/reviews websites:

1. The online world is full of the app and mobile blogs.
2. Computer technology provides software that accelerates online casino practices.
3. Virtual reality
4. Some blogs are specially for keeping casino games in mind.
5. Help for technology

Sports/games websites :

Several games are associated with gambling, like:
1. Football, rugby, and other European sports
2. Baseball, basketball, and other US sports
3. There are a set of sports like billiards that has links with betting. One can create content based on it and link the elements of the casino to it.

A list of guidelines to get good quality casino backlinks are as follows:

It is always advisable to opt for safe blogs while looking to buy backlinks for casino and adult sites 2023 or other websites. Often the overcrowded sites never give any benefits to you as they never end up attracting huge audiences.

Check the quality of the sites and never compromise for less. Stick to only those sites with high organic traffic, and they believe in publishing those content that is popular among readers rather than just opting for SEO content.

If you are still looking for some shortcuts to understand how to do a quality checklist for casino sites:

1. Never go for the domain that has its authority below 20+.
2. The organic traffic on the selected website should have 1000+ reach. Try to confirm it through Aherf.
3. Traffic movements- go to Aherf and their go-to organic search. If you suddenly notice a traffic drop, it may be a result of the Google penalty. It doesn’t occur continuously, but you can use it for a better decision. Traffic can move up and down normally, but if the growing traffic is still present, the site is fine.
4. Checking the present links- use your Aherf account to ensure any linked domains are there with it.
5. Linked domain or referring domain- Aherfs provides the possibility of checking the linked domains and referring domains through a batch analysis function. The ratio here should be less than 4:1, or it is not beneficial. More sponsored posts over a website are more likely to get penalized by Google. To be specific more website links over a site makes it less valuable.
6. Number of added casino links- it is essential to check the number of casino website links added to the domain you want to put backlinks. Go to the Linked domains option from Aherfs and look for casinos in it. If the number crosses 35, never opt for it as it won’t fetch much reach to you.
7. Post markings- if any of the selected posts comes with “Advert” or “Sponsored” tags, it is of no use. It is also traceable through the Linked domains option. This option also reveals if it has any kind of issues.

Advertising page:

Remember, if there is an advertisement on the website that depicts natural SEO help or is ready to offer backlinks randomly, then never approach such sites.

Sense Checks:

Start by browsing some pages of the website you wish to add your casino backlinks. If you find the articles appearing like spam on the selected website, reject them now and then. The homepage is a mirror to any website, and if you get a good sense of the niche they are dealing with, then only consider it. Do not miss the website layout, as a good layout always have more engagement. The long term strategy is essential to win in the race.

To gain benefits through link building, you need to follow and avoid certain things.

Things that you should never miss-

  • Select the competitor’s link possibilities.
  • Look for the top-ranking competition websites and analyze the strategies and the process by which they build links. You also need to check how they use those links to know the best way to employ them.
  • Choose websites with good quality metrics.
  • Content has always been superior, and this will be your best investment. Get the content in which your link fits in an ideal way. The link should always appear natural rather than appearing as a forced one.
  • A strong negotiation sense is always essential while dealing with all webmasters to invest in more backlinks building.
  • A strong anchor text strategy and some branded flagships and matchable niches will bring more reach to your casino sites.

Things that one should avoid

  • Never employ the company’s email for branding as it may bring negativity that you always wished to avoid.
  • Do not be a follower of any trending trend in getting a link from a similar site that is popular as the chances of gaining penalty increases in this case. You may also face 301 redirects. It may not be the same case for some companies, but it may be a deadly situation for huge companies.
  • If you are a newbie, do not push yourself towards many anchor texts at once.
  • You need to invest regularly to stay in the competition. So do not forget to keep a budget for it.

Final Words

While selecting casino backlinks, one should be careful whether it will turn into an asset or a loss is in your hand. If you are looking to hire a backlinks service provides for casinos websites, we are here and happy to assist you.

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